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A Brief Intro to Micropiles August 6, 2020

Louisville, Jefferson
A Brief Intro to Micropiles, Louisville, Kentucky

Micropiles are an extremely popular foundation support system. They resist compression and lateral soil pressure. Thanks to their remarkable stability and relative ease of installation, they’re especially popular for transportation infrastructure and projects with limited space. Below is a brief introduction to them.

An Introduction to Micropiles

A micropile is a small-diameter support component, usually measuring no more than 12 inches across. Most types consist of a concrete casing that is drilled into the soil, which contains a high-strength steel reinforcing bar. Then the casing is filled with cement grout, creating an extremely strong structural element that provides stability in almost any soil conditions.

The Advantages of Using Micropiles

micropilesBecause they're anchored deep in the soil, micropiles are extremely resistant to movements of the soil, which contributes to the stability of the entire foundation. They can also be installed with minimal disturbance to the soil and surrounding structures, which makes them ideal for environmentally sensitive areas or those with poor soil conditions. Skilled contractors can even install supports underneath existing foundations, making them an essential element in stabilization projects.

Micropile Applications

Micropiles were first developed in the 1950s by Italian engineers looking for a way to underpin historic buildings with significant structural issues. Today, they’re often used for the same purpose, as well as large-scale transportation construction projects, like highway overpasses and tunnels. Many new construction engineers use these underpinning systems to stabilize buildings on loose soil or counteract ground movements in areas with high seismic activity.


With offices in Lexington, Louisville, and West Chester, OH, The Dwyer Company is one of the largest soil stabilization contractors in the country. Their team of highly trained experts has developed many of their own techniques, which gives them the ability to deliver successful results on even the most difficult projects. Visit their website to learn more about the benefits of micropiles, follow their Twitter for more tips and advice, or call (513) 777-0998 to contact their office in West Chester. To speak with someone at their Lexington office, call (859) 231-0998, or dial (502) 489-5438 to reach their Louisville location.

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