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3 Signs You Need New Kitchen Appliances August 3, 2020

Nunda, Livingston
3 Signs You Need New Kitchen Appliances, Nunda, New York

When your kitchen appliances are past their prime, food preparation is harder to do and less enjoyable. If you’re struggling to prepare meals efficiently, you may be wondering if you need new devices. Here are a few signs that you need to replace your appliances.

How to Tell if You Need New Kitchen Appliances

1. Noise

According to Consumer Reports, refrigerators typically last for 13 years, gas ranges for 15 years, and dishwashers for nine years. When the machine is producing sounds that it shouldn’t, it may be near the end of its life span.

It can also mean that the device has worn-out components. If the damage is too complicated to be repaired, getting a new device could be the only solution.

2. Inefficiency

If preparing meals is taking more time and effort than it should, consider changing your kitchen appliances. Many modern devices have automation and programmable features that make it easier to cook amid a busy lifestyle. Some new appliances have smartphone functionality so that you can start your kitchen tasks even if you’re still on your way home. 

3. Cost

kitchen appliancesOlder appliances generally use up more energy than contemporary ones. For instance, the US Department of Energy says that a new ENERGY STAR-certified fridge uses up 40% less energy than those sold in 2001. When you save energy with new appliances, you lower not only your utility bill, but also your carbon footprint.


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