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Can Dogs & Cats Have Seasonal Allergies? August 3, 2020

Keaau, Hawaii
Can Dogs & Cats Have Seasonal Allergies?, Keaau, Hawaii

Just as you may have seasonal allergies, so may the pets in your home. Dogs and cats can experience allergic reactions that can cause discomfort and behavioral problems. Here’s more information about how to keep your animal companions healthy and happy, and how pet grooming may help.

What to Know About Pets Having Allergies


Dogs and cats may develop allergies to environmental triggers, such as mold spores, pollen, dust mites, fleas, and feathers. This happens when their immune systems recognize allergens as a threat to the body, causing an overproduction of antibodies. When these antibodies make contact with allergens, they cause reactions that result in many uncomfortable symptoms for pets.

Signs & Symptoms 

pet groomingAnimals with seasonal allergens often bite at their skin and scratch excessively—these signs are coupled with skin redness and inflammation. The skin irritation may cause your dogs and cats to shed or go bald in certain areas. Additionally, allergies may make them experience sneezing, irritated eyes, diarrhea, vomiting, ear infections, and respiratory issues.


While there isn’t a cure for seasonal allergies, oral and topical medications will minimize their symptoms. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to test your dogs and cats for allergies and get prescriptions to reduce their itching and discomfort.


Prevent your pets’ allergies by keeping them indoors when pollen counts rise during the spring and summer. Replace AC filters at least once a month to remove dust, mold, and pollen from the intake air before it circulates through your home. Remove allergens from your animals’ skin and fur by scheduling a pet grooming appointment that includes bathing and moisturizing.


If you want to schedule a pet grooming appointment to help your furry friends manage their seasonal allergies, contact the team at Bar-King Dog Kennel in Keaau, HI. These experienced professionals welcome dogs and cats of all sizes, and they’ll wash and comb your pets’ coats to remove any allergens. To get more information about their services, visit the website or call (808) 966-8733.

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