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4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe From the Summer Heat June 29, 2020

4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe From the Summer Heat, Wentzville, Missouri

The longer, warmer days of summer have arrived, and with them come more walks, games of fetch, and lounge time with your pets in the sun. While you may be wearing sun-protective gear, you may not realize that your pets can be equally susceptible to overheating. Below are four veterinarian approved tips on how to prevent your pets from heatstroke this summer. 

How Can You Keep Your Pets from Overheating?

1. Bring Them Inside 

On a hot day, it can take 10 minutes for your car’s internal temperature to reach 100 degrees. 30 minutes can increase the temperature to 120 degrees. Leaving your pets in the car, even for a few minutes, can promote heatstroke, organ damage, or worse. If you want to take them with you while running errands, bring the leash so they can jump out of the car with you. You can also leave them at home where they can stay cool.

2. Protect Their Paws

Sidewalks and blacktops heat up quickly as well. While you know not to go out barefoot during the heat of the day, keep in mind that the pads of your pets’ paws can burn just as easily as your bare feet. Place your hand on the ground to check its temperature before leading your pets out onto it. If it is too hot, wait until evening to go out or stick to shaded areas to protect their delicate paws.

3. Keep Them Hydrated

VeterinarianHotter days lead to increased hydration needs. Check on your pets’ water bowls and refill them throughout the day. When out on a walk, bring a water bottle for yourself and one for each pet as well. If you feel as though they are not drinking enough, try adding ice cubes into their water bowls. Pets may be more inclined to drink cold water on hotter days.

4. Limit Their Exercise 

When going out for a run or walk, do not push your pets too hard. Try to get them out early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the more oppressive heat. They also may not be able to keep up as usual. Shorten or tone down the intensity of your workout on hot days.

To avoid sunburn, you can also apply an SPF 15 or above sunscreen on the more vulnerable areas of your dog’s skin, either using a dog-specific or an infant sunscreen. Your veterinarian can provide you one that is fragrance-free, waterproof, and zinc-free.


For more information on how to keep your pets safe this summer, contact Troy & Wentzville Veterinary Clinic. Located in Troy and Wentzville, MO, this veterinarian-staffed animal clinic has spent the last six decades providing first-rate dental care, microchipping, grooming, and dog boarding. You can trust them with everything from regular check-ups to emergency medical care. Call Troy at (636) 528-4534 or Wentzville (636) 327-6488 at if you have any questions specific to your pet, or you can learn more about their veterinary services online.

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