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How Hail Damage Affects Your Car August 26, 2020

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How Hail Damage Affects Your Car, Crystal Lake, Michigan

If you find yourself driving through a severe storm, you may worry about your car experiencing significant hail damage. Although many people assume the damage is mostly cosmetic, it can sometimes be enough to devalue your vehicle. Taking your vehicle for dent repairs following a storm is always a good idea. It’s also important to understand how hail damage can impact your car and what to do to protect yourself. 

A Guide to Hail Damage

What Kinds of Damage Can Hail Cause? 

Hail damage can be devastating to your vehicle. Heavy, fast-falling hail can create dents in the metal panels of your car, break or crack car windows, and hurt vital mechanical components of your vehicle. If heavy hail falls hard enough, it could dent your hood and harm engine components. It can also damage side mirrors and electronic components, resulting in the need for significant repairs. 

Never assume that hail damage is purely cosmetic. If your vehicle is injured in a hail storm, take it for a careful dent repair evaluation. A professional auto body repair shop can test everything from the calibration of your windshield and external sensors to the function of your engine to ensure your vehicle is safe. 

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage? 

dent repairHail damage can be expensive to repair, which is why having the right insurance policy in place is crucial. While liability coverage doesn’t apply to “acts of God” like hail storms, comprehensive coverage should allow you to get your car fixed.

It is important to have dents repaired as soon as it occurs. Neglecting to report damage could cause you insurance coverage problems in the future. If you sustain hail damage, fail to file a claim, and are involved in a car accident down the road, your insurance company may cover the collision repairs minus any previously undocumented damage. 

Take hail storms seriously and document issues carefully because some weather events can be severe enough to total your car. Take photos as soon as you can after the damage occurs, as well as the surrounding areas where you were traveling or parked. Contact your insurance agent to report the damage, and schedule a dent repair appointment right away. 


If your car has been damaged by hail, reach out to the dent repair specialists at Precision Collision & Auto Glass in Frankfort, MI, for help. Since their inception in 1997, their commitment to hassle-free, professional auto body work has helped them to stand out from their competition. Find out more about how they can help by visiting their website. Call (231) 352-7948 to speak with a representative.

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