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4 FAQ About Respite Care August 7, 2020

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4 FAQ About Respite Care, Honolulu, Hawaii

Working as a full-time family caregiver is no easy task, and it’s crucial to avoid caregiver burnout. Ensure your loved one is receiving the best, consistent care and attention with respite care. Use the following guide to help you understand how your loved one could benefit from this service.

A Guide to Respite Care

What is respite care?

Working day and night as a caregiver can be physically and mentally exhausting, and caregiver burnout can lead to reduced quality of care. Respite care is a professional service where a caregiver can temporarily assist or take over for a family caregiver. This allows you to take personal time to rest and recover from your daily tasks.

Who is it for?

respite care honolulu, HIRespite care is for seniors dealing with debilitating illnesses and their family members. Caregivers provide assistance for patients recovering from surgery, seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s disease that require constant care, or patients living with cancer or other chronic illnesses. These caregivers can be available for a single afternoon or can be scheduled several times a week, depending on the client’s and family’s needs.

Why is it useful?

Caregiver burnout is common among family caregivers. The emotional and physical stress can become a burden and may cause them to eventually be unable to provide the necessary care for their loved ones.

Burnout can also lead to mental health issues, stress, and self-neglect, which can worsen the family caregiver and patient relationship. Respite care professionals will take over part of the daily responsibilities to provide family members with a much-needed break and support system.

What types of care are offered?

Home health aides are trained to handle a variety of services. They can monitor patients with special needs, provide memory care for dementia patients, and handle bathing and personal hygiene for patients with mobility challenges.

Specialists can also help with wound care or at-home physical therapy. When looking for a caregiver, ask the home care service about the specialized skills the professional will have to handle your loved one’s condition compassionately and effectively.


If you’re looking for respite care services in Honolulu, contact CareResource Hawaii. They proudly maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and can fulfill all your home health care needs. Their team assists with physical and occupational therapies, surgery recovery, and general health needs. Visit their website to learn more about their scope of services. Call (808) 599-4999 to speak with a compassionate representative.

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