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4 Window Trends for 2020 June 11, 2020

Cincinnati, Hamilton
4 Window Trends for 2020, Cincinnati, Ohio

Windows are a significant feature in most rooms of a home. If you’re building a new house, remodeling, or replacing windows, you should know what styles are currently popular. Reading up on the latest trends and talking to a window contractor will help you decide what works best for the property. Below are several designs that fit into a modern home while also having timeless appeal.

What Style Should You Choose for Windows?

1. Bold Colors

Designers are favoring bold colors for windows in 2020, in contrast to the softer colors that were popular last year. Consider using orange-reds or mustard yellows to make your windows a focal point of the room, similarly to an accent wall. Also, black window frames portray a bold look that fits with any color scheme and leaves you many options for other design elements in your room, such as the furniture and decor. 

2. Large Windows

window contractorHaving large windows makes the entire room look bigger. Floor-to-ceiling options let you enjoy the view outside your home as much as possible. Wide, oversized windows may let in more heat in summer, but you’ll save on energy bills all year by getting more natural light. If you opt for this style, ask your window contractor if the home’s structure can support them efficiently.

3. Sidelights & Transoms

Another trend for 2020 is to use smaller windows surrounding your doors. Sidelights are vertical windows that flank entry doors, which frame the entrance and make it stand out. They also let more light into the home and allow you to see anyone approaching the door. Similarly, transoms sit above doors or other windows to let in light ventilation if you open them. This makes them a popular choice for bathrooms or kitchens, and you could even place them above cabinets.

4. Bay Windows

You may think that bay windows are a feature of older homes, but they are becoming popular again. The combination of three windows in a unit that extends out from the property creates extra space, and the angle of them lets in more light. You can use the wide ledge that the design creates for seating, storage, or a work area to increase the functionality of the room.


When you’re deciding what kind of windows to choose, contact NuVue Products in Cincinnati, OH, for no-obligation advice and a free design and color consultation. The trusted window contractors have been serving the area for more than 45 years, and they focus on design, safety, and energy efficiency. They also offer unbeatable warranties. To speak with a representative, call (513) 631-1801. Visit the website for more information about their services. 

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