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3 Signs a Commercial Building Needs Re-Roofing August 5, 2020

Elk River, Sherburne County
3 Signs a Commercial Building Needs Re-Roofing, ,

When adequately maintained, commercial roofing helps maximize a building’s energy efficiency and prevent water damage. Many materials are used for roofs in businesses, but all of them can face problems as they age. To help you secure your property, here are a few of the signs that it may be time to have a contractor replace your roof.

When to Replace Commercial Roofing

1. Panel Gaps

If you have a metal roof, the panels can pull away from each other as the fasteners corrode. These gaps expose the membrane underneath. The membrane is meant to provide insulation and shouldn’t be exposed to the elements, as moisture can lead to water damage.

You may need to have the membrane and fasteners replaced to protect equipment and building materials underneath.

2. Blistering

elk river commercial roofingIf moisture gets underneath a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane, the material can warp. As air penetrates the surface through the gaps, the roof develops air pockets that look like blisters or bubbles.

While you may choose to repair a single bubble, full replacement is a more cost-effective solution for multiple bubbles or recurring blistering.

3. Sagging

Water should drain from every roof, even flat ones. Water that sits for days can damage all types of materials and cause leaks. Compromised areas may begin to sag as the roof deck sustains water damage.

The interior ceiling under these spots may appear distorted as well, developing visible water stains. In addition to having the roof replaced to ensure proper drainage, you may have to repaint some interior materials.



Minneapolis St. Paul Commercial Roofing offers reliable roof replacement services in the area of Elk River, MN. The crew installs all types of commercial roofing, including metal, TPO, and rubber. With 35 years of combined experience, their technicians take pride in their work. Their projects come with 20-year workmanship warranties and 20-year manufacturer’s warranties. Learn about TPO roofing online, or call (612) 424-2688 to request an estimate.

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