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5 Common Myths About Your Eyes: What Really Damages Your Eyes? February 12, 2013

Harlem, Manhattan
5 Common Myths About Your Eyes: What Really Damages Your Eyes? , Manhattan, New York

How well do you take care of your eyes? Did you know that the average person blinks about 12 times every minute? In fact, out of all the muscles in your body, the muscles that control your eyes are the most active, which means you should probably pay a little more attention when it comes to your optical health.

The truth is: there are a lot of myths out there. So knowing what to look for and what steps to take may be a struggle. However, by examining the following myths about eyecare exposed by Cohen's Fashion Optical of Harlem, you'll be able to make positive steps towards proper optical health.

-) Sitting in front of the computer or TV all day will damage my eyes—Don't sell your computer just yet, this myth is false! Although sitting in front of a TV or glazing over Youtube videos for days may cause a tremendous amount of strain on your eyes, there's not as much harm here as you think. Stare at the television and computer processing unit (CPU) all you want, just use some moisturizing eye solution when you're finished.

-) Wearing glasses will actually weaken my vision over time—For all those who think wearing glasses further damages your eyes over time, sorry folks, this one's false! Glasses do not weaken your sight over time, this is simply the work of our eyes naturally changing during our lifespan. Common misconceptions include those who develop a psychological dependence on wearing eyeglass. This makes some people feel as though they cannot function without glasses or other visual aids.

-) If I wear contact lenses too long, it will make me go blind—Wait... this one's actually true! Contact lenses serve as a thin plastic that is placed on the eye to correct visual defects, but are not meant as a long term solution. Wearing your lenses for too long week-by-week and overnight may cause protein build up on the surface of the eyeball, which can block oxygen circulation to your eyes. This can also result in the occurrence of serious problems including corneal ulcers, bacterial or fungal infections and irritation which can cause blindness.

-) All sunglasses will protect my eyes from the sun. -- This is false! If your sunglasses don't have the proper protection, your eyes may still be subject to overexposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) radiation. For those people who experience overexposure, the results can be damaging, including developing cataracts and further damage to the eye's retina. Wearing tinted shades that are not polarized and protect against both UV-A and UV-B rays can also do more harm than good, as the tints cause your pupils to become enlarged, allowing for more exposure to unfiltered UV rays.

-) Carrots are good for your eyes—Forget what mom said, there's no magic in these sticks of orange deliciousness. However, it is true that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, but this is not a common deficiency for most people. Optometrists suggests that you eat more spinach, which contains lutein, an important component to eyecare. In fact, the human body cannot make lutein and this becomes even more difficult with age. If you prefer to avoid spinach, well broccoli and asparagus are good too!

Another great tip is to always make sure you see an optometrist regularly to ensure that your eyes are nice and healthy. Cohen's Fashion Optical of Harlem offers a wide range of eyeglasses in NYC with eyecare experts to inform you of the options available.

For more fun facts about how to protect your eyes, or to find out more about vision and optical health, visit Cohen's Fashion Optical of Harlem.

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