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3 Types of Metal Used in Home Construction August 3, 2020

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3 Types of Metal Used in Home Construction , Rochester, New York

If you’re a developer, you know that a significant component of residential building design and construction is choosing which materials to use. Strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal support the selection of certain metals for building houses. Architects and builders often incorporate the following metals into their home construction plans.

What Metals Are Used in Residential Building Construction?

1. Carbon Steel

Home-building professionals often use carbon steel for framing houses. Combining a high level of carbon with iron creates this type of steel, which is harder, stronger, and less prone to stretching when heated.

This material is an excellent choice for primary and secondary framing elements, such as columns, rafters, and eave struts. Carbon steel braces provide additional stability to residential structures.  

2. Copper

building-designFrom roofing and wiring to pipes and doorknobs, copper has been used for hundreds of years by residential construction professionals in building designs. Positive attributes of this metal include its high durability, resistance to erosion, and ease of recyclability. In addition to its practical applications throughout residential buildings, it offers homeowners the benefits of economic value and superior aesthetics.

3. Aluminum

Abundant availability of aluminum makes it a top choice of architects and builders for home construction projects. Like copper, this natural metal offers superior resistance to corrosion and an attractive appearance.

Aluminum alloys that incorporate magnesium and silicone provide high tensile strength, increasing the metal’s resistance to heat and stress. Homebuilders use copper-clad aluminum wiring in residential properties to take advantage of the physical and economic benefits of both metals. Window frames, roofing, and architectural hardware are often made with aluminum, which is lighter than steel and less likely to fracture.  


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