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3 Reasons To Buy A Chest Freezer July 26, 2020

Havelock, Lincoln
3 Reasons To Buy A Chest Freezer, Lincoln, Nebraska

The right appliances can help you keep your home clean, functional, and incredibly comfortable. While modern refrigerator and freezer combos have done plenty to help people to prepare and store food, chest freezers can also be particularly useful. Here are three reasons to buy a chest freezer for your home. 

What Are the Perks of Owning A Chest Freezer?

1. Economical

Chest freezers come in a variety of sizes and can be plugged in nearly anywhere, giving you extra space to store frozen foods. With the added space, you can buy goods to store when they are on sale or in season, helping you to save money. You can also take care of essential food prep early, creating freezer meals to drop into the slow cooker on a busy day. 

2. Prevent Freezer Burn 

appliancesChest freezers are designed without a defrost cycle, which means your food won’t gradually melt and then be exposed to freezing temperatures. This appliance feature helps to prevent freezer burn, making your chest freezer the perfect place to store ice cream and popsicles.

This aspect is also valuable for families who use their deep freezer for long-term food storage. For instance, if you purchase meat when it is on sale, keeping it in your chest freezer could help it to stay good for longer, preventing food waste.

3. Save Space Inside Your Refrigerator

When you own a chest freezer, you won’t have to rely on the small freezer compartments inside of your refrigerator to store bulk foods. Chest freezers free up space inside your refrigerator’s freezer, making it easier to store foods you may need to prepare on a daily basis. As an added bonus, chest freezers offer 20% more usable space than upright freezers, since they don’t have compartments. 


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