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When Should You Replace Your Locks? August 4, 2020

Kenvil, Morris County
When Should You Replace Your Locks?, Kenvil, New Jersey

Your entryway door locks are your first line of defense against intruders and unwanted guests. Quality locks can last for decades, but often, circumstances will require them to be replaced sooner. Use the guide below to learn more about a few situations that necessitate working with a locksmith to replace the locks on your doors.

3 Reasons to Replace Your Entryway Door Locks

1. You've Just Moved

If you have recently moved into a new house, you are likely busy unpacking and decorating. However, you should also have a locksmith replace the locks. You have no idea to whom the previous owner might have given keys, and changing the locks will ensure you control who can access your home. To keep your family and belongings as safe as possible, make lock replacement a priority.

2. You've Lost Your Keys

Door locksIf you cannot find your keys, you may have simply misplaced them. However, it's possible they've been stolen and the thief has targeted your house for burglary. If the keys don't turn up within a few hours, contact a reputable locksmith service to replace or rekey the door locks.

3. You've Had a Change in Relationship Status

Whether you were married, living together, or your partner simply had a key to your place, it makes sense to replace the locks after a breakup. If the breakup was not amicable, you likely don't want the other person to have access to your property. The same is true if you have recently parted ways with a renter.


If you need to replace your door locks, contact Able Security Locksmiths in Kenvil, NJ. This experienced commercial and residential locksmith has offered 24/7 service for clients in Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties for more than 25 years. The company specializes in lock repair, installation, and rekeying, but also sells door closers and other commercial door hardware. Learn more on their website or call (973)-584-3033 to discuss your needs.