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Cohen's Fashion Optical: 5 Ways Contact Lens Wearers Can Care For Their Eyes March 13, 2013

Harlem, Manhattan
Cohen's Fashion Optical: 5 Ways Contact Lens Wearers Can Care For Their Eyes , Manhattan, New York

For those with less than perfect vision, contact lenses can seem like a miraculous invention. Playing sports unencumbered, looking flawless for fine occasions, and enjoying a rainy day without wet glasses can all be attributed to the wonders of contact lenses. As common as contact lenses may be, many wearers do not take the proper measures to properly care for their eyes when wearing them. The worst case result of this negligence is severe eye damage or infections which can irreparably affect the cornea.

The NYC optometrists of Cohen’s Fashion Optical of Harlem recommend these five simple methods for taking care of your eyes and enjoying contact lenses safely:

Wash Your HandsNever touch your contact lenses or bring a hand to your eyes without washing them thoroughly first with a mild soap.

Ladies who like to touch up with a bit of makeup should always put in their contact lenses before applying any mascara, foundation, or eye shadow, to prevent contact lens contamination.

Clean Your Lenses Regularly
Dirt, dust, and protein deposits build-up on contact lenses with extended wear, making it essential for responsible contact lens wearers to wash their lenses each day. Clean each contact by lighting rubbing multipurpose solution into them with your index finger in the palm of your hand.

Never Sleep With Contacts In Unless you own extended wear contacts, it is important to not sleep with contact lenses in, as they will prevent essential oxygen flow to the eye.

Visit The Optometrist Annually
It’s important to get a yearly check-up for your peepers! Your optometrist at Cohen’s Fashion Optical will want to check your eyes on an annual basis for signs of contact lens damage or a change in prescription.

To see if you are eligible for contact lenses or to schedule an appointment with a licensed eye doctor in New York City, look no further than Cohen’s Fashion Optical of Harlem for optometrist expertise, as well as designer eyewear and sunglasses!

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