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5 Ways to Honor a Loved One After Cremation July 31, 2020

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5 Ways to Honor a Loved One After Cremation, Chili, New York

Losing a loved one is difficult, and part of the grieving process includes finding a fitting memorial for them. After cremation, there are several ways to honor the deceased. Below are a few considerations.

How to Honor Someone Who Has Been Cremated

1. Hold a Memorial Service

Memorial services are common after cremation. The ways you can celebrate your loved one are endless, from a traditional gathering similar to a funeral to an outdoor event in a place they held dear. You can even hold a virtual service for family and friends out of town, where everyone can share photos and memories remotely. The deceased’s ashes can be kept in an urn in your home, or you can secure a spot in a columbarium along with a monument in their honor.

2. Spread Their Ashes

Hold a ceremony to spread the ashes in the location of your loved one’s choosing or in a place that is special to them, such as a garden or on the water. Invite those closest to the deceased for a special memorial before the ashes are released. Always get permission and follow the rules when spreading ashes in a public location or in a body of water.

3. Plant a Tree

cremationA beautiful way to honor your loved one is to plant a tree or garden. It can be in your own yard or in a special place. The tree will also serve as a tangible memorial that friends and family can visit to remember the person they’ve lost.

4. Create Mementos

You can also have your loved one’s ashes made into a special memento. Jewelry is a popular way many people choose to do this. A portion of the cremains can be set into a pendant. You can also create a charm for a bracelet or a center stone for a ring.

5. Establish an Honorary Scholarship 

If your family member was connected to their community, high school, or college, consider setting up a scholarship in their name. If they were active in sports or music, you can establish a fund for upcoming youngsters with the same interests. This will not only create a legacy, but it will also assist students with their educational pursuits.


For cremation and memorial services in the Rochester, NY, area, call Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home. The family-owned funeral home has been a trusted resource for grieving families for more than 40 years. In addition to funeral services, they also offer a selection of caskets and urns as well as advanced planning. To contact a funeral director, call (585) 426-7830. Visit them online to learn more.

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