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4 FAQ About Iron in Drinking Water July 31, 2020

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4 FAQ About Iron in Drinking Water, Wappinger, New York

Often, tap water contains minerals such as iron. At best, these contaminants are inconveniences, causing stains throughout the home. At worst, having excess iron in your water can damage your plumbing fixtures. If you’re considering a water purification solution to eliminate iron, learn more with these helpful questions.  

What You Should Know About Iron in Tap Water

What causes iron in water sources?

Iron from the environment can seep into groundwater, as runoff from melted snow and rain makes its way into your well. It’s also possible for iron pipes to deteriorate over time. As pipes rust, small bits of the corroded material can wear off and enter your drinking water.

What are the signs of iron content?

water purificationA reddish or brown hue to your water often indicates iron content. In fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, you may notice a characteristic red or brown ring accumulating after the water has been drained. In addition, your drinking water may have a metallic taste. 

What are its effects?

While the iron content in most drinking water is unlikely to cause serious adverse health effects, the mineral still presents a host of issues. For instance, excess iron can dry out skin, leave stains on fixtures, and hasten the fading of clothing. It may also accumulate within your pipes, causing clogs. Finally, if you cook or prepare beverages with your water, iron can create an off-putting taste.

How can you eliminate iron in your water?

Fortunately, there are water purification options to remove iron from your drinking water. Water softeners can eliminate some mineral content, but additional purification treatments can provide added filtration. For example, aeration systems incorporate oxygen to remove iron. Oxidizing filters can also flush iron from water.


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