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How to Keep Math Skills Sharp This Summer July 20, 2020

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How to Keep Math Skills Sharp This Summer, South Windsor, Connecticut

Just because summer provides a break from school doesn’t mean it has to stall your children’s math education. From taking advantage of tutoring services to analyzing sports, here are some of the most effective ways to keep math skills sharp until they return to the classroom.

3 Ways to Improve Math Skills During Summer Vacation 

1. Find a Math Tutor 

After evaluating your child’s current skills, a reputable tutoring service will devise a customized learning plan that corresponds with the curriculum for the upcoming school year. In addition to strengthening your son or daughter’s foundational understanding of mathematics, regular sessions will ensure he or she excels in the classroom come fall.

2. Evaluate Sports Statistics

tutoring serviceIf your children are interested in sports, schedule a fun family outing like a baseball game to sharpen their math skills. Track strikes, balls, and outs while reviewing player stats. You can also evaluate the most likely outcome of the rest of the season.

If your kids are more interested in playing sports, spend an afternoon playing frisbee golf, basketball, or tennis, and use each break to go over your own statistics. 

3. Try New Recipes

Even the simplest recipes offer opportunities to manipulate fractions. Once a week during the summer, spend an afternoon cooking or baking with your children. Not only will you get to spend quality time together—and make delicious treats in the process—but you’ll also be able to provide a comprehensive lesson in fractions using visual aids.

For example, your child might have a hard time multiplying 2/3 by 2 on paper, but if you have two measuring cups, you can pour 2/3 cups of flour in each and then combine them to demonstrate how 2/3 times 2 equals 1 and 1/3. 


If your family needs math tutoring services in South Windsor, CT, turn to Mathnasium. One of the most respected organizations in academia, they have more than 500 centers across North America. By tailoring their approach for each student, their knowledgeable team is able to improve math skills while boosting confidence. To learn more about their tutoring services, visit their website or call (860) 432-7794.

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