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3 Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Air Conditioner August 3, 2020

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3 Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Air Conditioner, La Crosse, Wisconsin

During the summer, your air conditioner is essential for keeping your home cool and comfortable. While these units are hardly whisper-quiet, unusual sounds often indicate issues that you should address right away. Here are a few strange air conditioner noises that'll likely require repair work from an HVAC technician.

Air Conditioner Sounds to Watch For

1. Gurgling or Hissing

Gurgling or hissing sounds are typically the result of refrigerant leaks. These usually occur due to damaged refrigerant lines, faulty connections, or rusted components. Refrigerant can be harmful to human health, so such leaks should be fixed right away. Additionally, a clogged drain line could cause gurgling sounds, which is a less severe problem, though it should still be cleared out as soon as possible to avoid water damage.

2. Squealing or Screeching

air conditionerLoud squealing or screeching can be quite alarming and is often a sign of serious trouble. This noise usually occurs when dangerously high internal pressure builds up inside the compressor. In other instances, the problem is linked to a loose belt on a fan motor. Both issues can cause catastrophic damage to your unit, including complete breakdown, so turn it off immediately and call a technician for help.

3. Buzzing & Popping

Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, and can therefore experience electrical issues. Buzzing noises often come from the condenser unit's fan motor or the circuit breaker. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed by clearing away debris or replacing a dirty air filter. However, loose wiring or drawing excess amperage could also be to blame, requiring repairs from an electrician.


No matter what type of air conditioner trouble you’re dealing with, you can count on Ron Hammes Refrigeration in La Crosse, WI, to find a solution. Serving area residents since 1972, their team is available 24/7 to help with any heating and cooling emergency. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (608) 788-3110.

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