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What Does it Mean to Be Licensed, Bonded & Insured? July 31, 2020

Middletown, Orange County
What Does it Mean to Be Licensed, Bonded & Insured? , ,

Whether you need to have a driveway installed or repaired, you must work with a paving contractor for high-quality results. When choosing a company for the task, pick one that’s licensed, bonded, and insured. Here is a breakdown of what these terms mean and how they help ensure the quality of your project.


When a paving contractor is licensed, they have permission to work in the area due to their qualifications. The company applies for the license, and the employees must show they have formal training and experience working in the field for a set number of hours. 

Working with a licensed professional allows you to rest assured that the paver understands the proper protocols for completing high-quality service. You have the right to look up the company’s license number to see when it was issued or renewed. 


paving contractorWorking with an insured company protects you from litigation if worker injuries occur.

Worker’s compensation insurance, for example, covers workers if they are injured on the job. Insurance also protects those involved from potential financial losses if issues are taken to court.


Surety bonds are funds set aside to ensure projects are completed without issues. Also called contract bonds, they are purchased by the paving company.

These bonds are designed to provide funds for restorations. For instance, if property damage occurs during service, the homeowner can file a claim to collect on the bond and repair the issue. The company then adds more funds to the bond.



If you need professional paving, turn to the fully licensed, bonded, and insured professionals at James Young Paving. Serving the area of Middletown, NY, these experienced paving contractors have been helping with everything from minor excavation to repairs for more than 40 years. They’re committed to excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Visit their website to learn more about their qualifications, or call (845) 692-6998 to schedule service.

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