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3 Mistakes to Avoid If You Have a Clogged Drain July 30, 2020

Norwalk, Fairfield County
3 Mistakes to Avoid If You Have a Clogged Drain, Norwalk, Connecticut

When your drain is clogged, you need to act fast to keep water from backing up and causing damage to your home. Unfortunately, some solutions can do more harm than good, damaging the plumbing or making the clogged drain worse. Here are a few common pitfalls to watch out for while unclogging your sink, shower, or tub.

3 Drain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Improvised Tools

Clogged DrainSome homeowners try to grab or push through the clog with a stick, a wire, or a piece of silverware. These options are not designed to hook the clog, and by pushing on it, they can wedge the clog more firmly into the pipe rather than getting it out.

They can also sometimes damage the pipe because they’re too hard and rigid to fit around curves. If a few strokes with a cup plunger don’t dislodge the clog, then the only tool that should go down the drain is a snake, which is flexible enough to navigate a U-bend and is designed to grab onto or break up clogs.

2. Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical cleaners work by being highly corrosive so they can eat through the material forming the clog. This means they also eat at the inside of your pipes. This can weaken the pipes, causing leaks.

Chemicals also make the inner surface of your plumbing rougher, which means debris is more likely to catch and cause clogs in the future. Finally, the chemicals themselves are toxic, which makes them dangerous for your family, the environment, and the beneficial bacteria in septic systems.

3. Incomplete Drain Cleaning

Getting the water flowing again is only one step in cleaning a clogged drain. Most clogs don’t form all at once; instead, they build up slowly from hair, floss, soap scum, food, and other debris that washes down your drain.

Snaking a clog lets the water flow but leaves most of the buildup on the sides of your pipes, which will contribute to more clogs in the future. Water jetting is a more thorough option to completely clean the pipes. This technique uses a blast of pressurized water to scour your pipes without damaging them. Because it eliminates debris and leaves your pipes clean, it will take much longer for a new clog to form afterward.


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