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4 Possible Reasons a Car Won't Start July 17, 2020

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4 Possible Reasons a Car Won't Start, Newark, Ohio

Your car not starting is a frustrating experience, especially if you have somewhere important to be, and it’s easy to assume the worst. Luckily, it often takes a simple auto repair to get it going again, and modern vehicle diagnostics make it simple for mechanics to pinpoint the exact cause and quickly correct it. Here’s a closer look at some common culprits.

Why Won’t Your Car Start?

1. Defective Starter or Ignition Switch

The starter is what makes your engine come to life and start moving when you turn the key. The ignition switch serves a similar function, activating the electrical components of your vehicle. Both parts can wear down over time or become defective with repeated use. If you just hear clicking or a grinding noise when you turn your key, either of these could be the problem. 

2. Dead Battery

A dead battery can be caused by a door being left open, headlights being left on, or a faulty alternator that wasn’t properly charging your battery while driving. If your car won't start, your lights are dim or not coming on, and the battery light on your dash is on, it’s a safe bet that this is the cause.

auto repairTry jump-starting the car, and if that works, take it for vehicle diagnostics where the battery can be tested. If a jump doesn’t solve the problem, have it towed, as it may be something more complex.

3. Dirty Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is responsible for removing contaminants, gunk, and hard particles from your fuel to improve efficiency and stop the spread of sediment throughout your car. It should be changed every 30,000 miles as part of your regular auto maintenance, and if it’s not, it will become clogged with the particles it filters out.

This hinders fuel flow to your engine, which can make your vehicle struggle to start. If you feel like your car wants to crank but can’t quite make it, this is a possible cause.

4. Old Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are what ignite your fuel/air mixture to give your engine power, and they last for a long time—up to 100,000 miles. Because they last for so long, you may forget or not know that they need to be replaced, but they become less effective over time and may eventually lead to your car not starting. An auto repair shop can easily test and replace them if needed.


If your car won’t start, trust the experts at Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair in Newark, OH. Since 1959, they’ve offered affordable auto maintenance, diagnostics, repair, and transmission services. They aim to accommodate each customer’s needs with pickup and drop-off service available. Learn more about their auto repair services online and call (740) 522-4459 for an appointment today.

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