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4 Potential Reasons a Well Pump Runs Constantly July 31, 2020

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4 Potential Reasons a Well Pump Runs Constantly, Putnam, Connecticut

While it's typical for a well pump to kick on and off throughout the day, it shouldn't stay activated for long periods. Continuous running increases the risk of premature wear and causes a rise in your utility costs. For those reasons, it's important to identify the root cause and complete any pump repairs as soon as possible. Here's a closer look at a few of the most common culprits. 

Why Your Well Pump Won't Turn Off

1. Pressure Gauge Malfunction

The pressure gauge monitors and controls the pressure within the well, which determines when the pump activates and shuts off.

When the gauge doesn’t work correctly, it may signal the equipment to turn on unnecessarily, or keep it on after the pressure reaches the appropriate level. In such situations, the gauge needs to be adjusted or replaced. 

2. Leak

If there's damage to your pipes, water can leak out before it reaches a fixture. As a result, the pump has to work harder and longer to make up for the loss. In extreme cases, that may require continuous power. 

pump repairBroken fixtures and appliances, such as toilets and washing machines, can also cause problems. When they leak, the pump keeps sending them water. To protect the system, you must have the leak identified and repaired by a plumber.

3. Low Water Table

Periods of drought can cause groundwater levels to recede. As a result, the well has difficulty accessing the supply it needs. The pump keeps working to try and meet your demands, resulting in frequent or constant operation.

Well deepening helps prevent the problem by allowing the system to reach for water further underground

4. Pump Damage

Sometimes, it's the pump itself that causes the malfunction. Advanced age or excessive wear and tear can damage the equipment. When mechanical parts don’t work efficiently, the system can stay activated.

Pump repair is required to get the system back in working order. To avoid this issue, schedule annual inspections and replace the pump every 15 years.

If you experience well pump malfunctions, turn to Dalmik Well Drilling in Putnam, CT. For over 30 years, the residential water well contractor has proudly served the needs of homeowners across Windham County and areas east of the Connecticut River. Offering everything from pump repairs to well deepening, the skilled team is committed to providing excellent customer service. Request a pump repair estimate online, or call (800) 922-6220 to schedule an appointment.

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