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3 Classic Driveway Games to Teach Your Kids July 17, 2020

Cranston, Providence County
3 Classic Driveway Games to Teach Your Kids, Cranston, Rhode Island

Working with a paving contractor to keep your driveway in good condition not only provides a safe place for your car, but it also creates a place to entertain your kids outside. There are numerous games that only require a paved surface, some chalk, and perhaps a ball or a stone. If you need a refresher on a few of these activities from your childhood, here are a few driveway games you can teach your kids.

What Driveway Games Can You Play With Your Children This Summer?

1. Four-Square

For this game, draw four adjacent squares with chalk that are 3-4 feet on each side. Have a player stand in each square, and provide them with a basketball, tennis ball, or another bouncy ball. The server slaps the ball into an opponent's square. After it bounces, that player must, in turn, slap the ball to another player.

Grabbing the ball with two hands is not permitted. The player who fails to return the ball into one of the four squares is out and can be replaced by someone waiting for their turn.

2. Hopscotch

PavingKids have been playing hopscotch for hundreds of years, perhaps even as far back as ancient Rome. Use chalk to draw a hopscotch board of eight alternating single and double squares. Have your kids toss a stone onto the board and hop through the pattern, placing one foot in each square and bending to retrieve the stone once they reach that square.

This game teaches body control, balance, and coordination. Once kids have mastered basic hopscotch, vary the rules by having them hop the pattern twice or bounce twice in each square.

3. Alphabet Hop

Draw 26 boxes and label each with a letter of the alphabet. Call out letters or words, and have players hop on one or both feet to the correct square. This game can teach younger children how to recognize their letters. For older children, it makes a terrific way to practice spelling.


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