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4 Most Common Gutter Issues June 4, 2020

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4 Most Common Gutter Issues, Cincinnati, Ohio

Gutters prevent water from weighing down or leaking into your roof, keeping your home safe and comfortable. However, they require regular attention and upkeep to continue working correctly. While a variety of issues are possible, some of them happen particularly often. Below are a few to be aware of to ensure your system lasts a long time. 

What Gutter Problems Should Homeowners Know?

1. Joint Issues 

Joints connect the different sections of the gutter to keep it together. Sometimes, they pull apart from each other, compromising the effectiveness of the system and allowing water to stream down the side of the home. Typically, heavy clutter or debris causes this, but it can also be a significant impact, such as a tree branch falling. This is a tricky problem to repair, so contact a siding or roofing contractor for help. 

2. Clutter & Blockage 

guttersLeaves, twigs, pine needles, insects, and general debris can stick inside your gutters. If seeds and bird droppings are in the mixture, plants may even grow inside them. In winter, snow and ice can harden inside. All blockages make it challenging for water to flow, and they place undue weight and pressure on the system, which can bend or distort it. To prevent this, brush and hose down the system before each new season. 

3. Bad Formation

To direct the water to the ground efficiently, the gutters must have a slop of 1/4-inch every 10 feet. Also, the downspout must direct water several feet away from the home so that it doesn’t pool around the foundation. When this happens, it can contribute to basement flooding and mold formation, which are expensive issues to fix. If the rainwater is collecting inside, splashing over the side, or not reaching the drainage system, you must realign the system.

4. Leakage 

Sometimes, an impact or the age of the system can loosen the screws and hangers that hold it in place. Cracks or holes can also form in the metal due to rust. Regardless of the cause, your gutters will leak. Although you can caulk or seal openings and replace fasteners, you may need to replace the whole system if these problems are widespread or happen frequently.


No matter what problem you’re having with the gutters, NuVue Products can help. Based in Cincinnati, OH, they boast more than 60 years of experience offering a variety of products, repair, and installation services to benefit the exterior of your home. They also specialize in windows and roofs, promising warranties for every job they perform. To schedule an estimate, call (513) 631-1801. Visit them online for more information about their services.

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