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4 FAQ About Roof Inspections July 27, 2020

Ashland, Hanover
4 FAQ About Roof Inspections, Ashland, Virginia

Roofing creates a durable shelter that protects your home from heat, wind, water, and pests. However, as the structure ages and sustains damage from the elements, you can experience higher energy costs and moisture problems. Luckily, regular roof inspections help you spot problems and schedule roof repairs proactively. Here are a few questions many homeowners have about this type of service.

Common Questions About Roof Inspections

When should I schedule them?

Have contractors look over your roof twice a year, such as in the spring and fall. This timing ensures that your roof is stable and watertight before significant weather changes.

Checking your roof for problems in the spring catches winter storm damage and prepares the home for summer thunderstorms. Inspections during the fall allow contractors to replace shingles worn down by ultraviolet (UV) rays and identify potential gutter damage that could make your roof prone to water pooling.

You should also schedule an inspection if your home has sustained damage from a severe storm or fallen tree. The service helps you understand what roof repairs are necessary. 

What happens during an appointment?

roof inspectionProfessionals conduct interior and exterior inspections. Looking over the exterior allows them to spot shingle and flashing damage, which may require shingle replacement. In the interior, they identify the location of water leaks and any structural damage, such as unstable trusses. 

What types of problems do professionals identify?

During service, professionals first inspect the surface from the ground to look for damaged gutters, fascia, and soffits. Once they’re on the roof, they look at the flashing around skylights, chimneys, and vents to identify access points for water. Curled, broken, or missing shingles, which may cause peaks or dips on the surface, may be signs of water accumulation. 

When should I get roof repairs?

If the contractor alerts you to problems, schedule any necessary roof repairs as soon as possible. Roofers may need to remove old materials, create watertight seams, and attach new shingles to restore the structural integrity of the surface. Getting prompt repairs also helps you avoid water damage when it rains.



For reliable roof inspections, turn to J. King DeShazo III in Ashland, VA. Since founding their company in 1977, these trusted professionals have provided lasting roof repairs for properties throughout Hanover County. They have over 150 years of combined experience. Learn more about inspections by visiting their website, or call (804) 798-7663 to schedule an appointment.

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