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4 Ways to Prevent a Vehicle From Overheating July 27, 2020

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4 Ways to Prevent a Vehicle From Overheating, Geneseo, New York

With summer temperatures on the rise, car engines become more prone to overheating. Scheduling preventive maintenance with an auto mechanic often prevents issues that lead to this problem. Follow the tips below to minimize the risk of engine trouble this season.

How to Keep Your Car Engine at the Right Temperature

1. Check for Leaks

Coolant keeps your engine from getting too hot. Make a habit of checking for puddles underneath your vehicle, as these could indicate a coolant leak.

Coolant is often red in color and can smell sweet. When you notice puddles after moving your car, visit an auto mechanic right away to have the damage repaired and the coolant topped off.

2. Park With Caution

Geneseo-Auto-MechanicParking in the sun on a hot day can drive up the temperature of your car. Protect the engine by parking in underground garages or in the shade.

If you don’t have a covered garage at home, invest in a sunshade you can place over the windshield to reflect sunlight and block ultraviolet (UV) rays.

3. Monitor the Temperature Gauge

The dashboard includes a temperature gauge that measures how hot the engine coolant gets as you drive. 

A high reading could indicate a coolant leak, which increases the risk of overheating. Alternatively, the thermostat might be malfunctioning. When this happens, pull over and give the vehicle time to cool off before proceeding to an auto shop.

4. Schedule Radiator Flushes

Over time, the car’s coolant gets dirty and loses its effectiveness. To eliminate sediment accumulation, auto mechanics perform radiator flushes. Flushing this system eliminates dirty, old coolant and replaces it with a fresh supply.

As a general rule of thumb, schedule this service every 40,000 miles. Check your vehicle’s manual for the precise interval for your model.



If your engine overheats, M & R Automotive Service Center will help. Locally owned and operated, this auto mechanic has served drivers across Livingston County, NY, since 1991. They will tow your vehicle to get it to their auto shop for prompt and effective repairs. Call (585) 243-1201 to request assistance, or visit their website to read testimonials from their customers.

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