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5 Signs You Should Replace Hardwood Flooring July 27, 2020

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5 Signs You Should Replace Hardwood Flooring, Odessa, Texas

Hardwood flooring is popular for its beauty and durability., and with proper care, it can last for decades. Also, refinishing the floors can make them look new and extend their life span. However, refinishing isn’t always an option, and you may need to replace the flooring. Below are a few indications that this is the case.

When to Replace Hardwood Flooring 

1. Constant Refinishing

When you refinish wood floors, it restores their shine by removing scratches and signs of wear and tear. However, this process only works a few times, as you must sand the wood down. Typically, if you have already refinished them three times, they won’t withstand the sanding process again and will require a replacement. 

2. Noisy Slats

Squeaks and creaks are common with hardwood flooring as it ages, and can contribute to the charm of an older home. However, if the problem worsens, and floorboards move or bend when you walk across them, it could indicate a structural issue. This is dangerous as the flooring could break and splinter, injuring those walking on it.

3. Water Damage

hardwood flooringWater and hardwood flooring don’t mix. If you leave water on the floor for extended periods without cleaning it, the moisture can stain, warp, cup, and separate the flooring. This is challenging to repair, as it compromises the structural integrity of the wood. Quickly cleaning up spills and dealing with plumbing issues can prevent problems, but if you do not spot a mess or the damage is extensive, you might need new floors. 

4. Scratches & Marks

When blemishes penetrate deep into the wood or cover large areas, refinishing is not enough to restore them. If a gouge goes through the top layers of sealant and stain into the material below, it leaves the floor vulnerable to pests, water, and further scratches. When the damage is that extensive, it is usually more cost-effective to replace the wood. 

5. Discolored Planks

Over time, hardwood flooring can become discolored from sunlight, wear and tear, and water. Although you can remove some stains and discoloration through staining, if the discoloration is dark or black, the damage is too widespread to cover. In the case of water damage, the wood will rot and cause more problems, so replacement is the best option.


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