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3 Benefits of Septic Pumping July 27, 2020

Union, Ross
3 Benefits of Septic Pumping, Union, Ohio

For homeowners to get the greatest benefit from their septic tank, regular maintenance is a must, and the most important part of this is routine septic pumping. It’s recommended that this be done once every 3-5 years to ensure that built-up waste is removed to allow your plumbing to last longer and function free of clogs or overflow. Have a look at some of the most significant benefits of having your septic tank pumped professionally.

A Guide to Benefits of Septic Pumping

1. Detect Problems Early

Having your tank professionally serviced gains you the benefit of thorough maintenance and experience. A qualified technician can detect potential problems like cracked pipes, leaks, or developing blockages. A septic tank professional can also teach you how to care for your septic system to prevent clogs and other problems.

2. Guard Your Health

septic pumpingIf you wait too long to schedule septic pumping, your drains may begin emptying much more slowly, or your tank could even back up and overflow into other parts of your plumbing or yard. This can expose you and your loved ones to diseases as dangerous as hepatitis A or typhoid fever.

Having your tank pumped regularly will ensure levels of solid waste don’t get so high that spills or overflows occur. Besides protecting your health and safety, this will ensure your plumbing works efficiently and reliably.

3. Protect Your Property Value

The comfort level in your home depends on a well-functioning sewage system, and it will also help determine your property value. Potential homebuyers will look closely at how regularly your home’s septic system has been maintained and how well it functions to make an informed decision before purchasing. Regular septic pumping will protect your tank and your indoor plumbing, reducing the need for costly repairs or corrective maintenance and securing your home’s value.


When you need expert septic pumping, turn to Notestone County Sanitary Service in Chillicothe, OH. Offering a range of services from septic tank cleaning to wastewater removal and major repairs, these professionals are backed by more than 50 years of successful experience. To schedule an appointment, call (740) 772-1189 or visit them online to learn more about their services.
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