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4 Signs You Need Transmission Service July 24, 2020

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4 Signs You Need Transmission Service, New Richmond, Ohio

A vehicle’s transmission transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. If something is wrong with it, you will have trouble starting and driving the car. It could even break down completely, leaving you stranded. Auto repair services can help you fix the issue, but below are some warning signs that could pinpoint a transmission issue before it gets too severe. 

How to Know You Need Transmission Service

1. Burning Smells

If you notice the smell of burning paper when you shift gears, get your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. This smell could mean the transmission is overheating, and if you don't address it, it could break entirely and require a costly replacement. Not only would this be an additional expense, but it is significantly dangerous if it happens while you’re driving, as you will not have much control of the vehicle.

2. Leaking Fluid 

auto repairWhen getting into your car, you may notice puddles of red or pink fluid underneath. If so, you are likely dealing with a leaky transmission. Leaks occur when your car’s pan gasket suffers damage, or when cracks form in the torque converter. Regular wear and tear can also cause the issue in older cars, as rubber seals deteriorate over time. 

You could also have a transmission fluid leak if you hear squealing, grinding, or gurgling sounds when you shift gears. With the fluid too low, the gears do not have the lubrication to move correctly, causing metal friction.

3. Unpredictable Shifting

If your automatic transmission is shifting on a delay, or seemingly by itself, this is most likely a computer or control module issue. Transmission control modules encounter problems when they don’t receive enough voltage from the battery or alternator. 

Also, when the engine sounds like it is powerfully accelerating when you’re shifting to drive, it could indicate a fluid level problem. Other possible reasons include failed sensors or vacuum leaks, which an auto repair mechanic can help you pinpoint.

4. Slipping Gears

If your gears slip out of place while you’re driving, it creates a dangerous situation. This is because you’ll have limited control over the car for as long as the gears are slipping, as you cannot maintain a consistent speed or brake efficiently. It’s a sure sign of a transmission issue, so pull over as soon as possible when it occurs.


For a provider that can help with any transmission issue, turn to Lindale Auto Parts. With over 40 years serving drivers in the New Richmond, OH, area, these auto repair specialists can help you find the parts you need for any type of vehicle problem. Visit the website to browse their selection of auto parts. Call (513) 797-6707 to schedule an appointment.

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