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What Should Your Bathroom Cleaning Schedule Look Like? June 15, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
What Should Your Bathroom Cleaning Schedule Look Like?, ,

Since the bathroom is where many tedious day-to-day routines take place, it’s easy to lose the motivation to keep it tidy and fresh. Apart from maintaining a pristine appearance, regular restroom cleaning can kill harmful germs, eliminate bacterial odors, and protect surfaces from mold growth. To prevent these issues, here’s a quick guide on how often you should tackle housekeeping tasks in this space.  

How Often Should You Clean the Bathroom?

Every Day

Incorporating small housekeeping habits into your daily routine can ease the stress of bathroom cleaning. For the day to day, focus on wiping up toothpaste spills, replacing empty toilet paper, exchanging used towels, removing hair from drain catchers, hanging up bathmats, and clearing away clutter.


housekeepingEach week, give the bathroom a more thorough cleaning. This weekly chore provides an opportunity to reorganize products, empty the wastebasket, wipe the mirrors, refresh linens, and scrub the toilet. Most importantly, you’ll want to mop and scrub all surfaces to ensure mildew, mold, and soap scum don’t stick around.


Every month, check in with any of the overlooked areas of the bathroom. For instance, you might need to wash a bathmat if it’s developed a musty odor. You might also need to wash or replace shower curtains if the fabric feels slimy.

What Areas Need the Most Attention?


Due to its high concentration of moisture, the shower is the primary breeding ground for many unwanted bathroom messes, including mold and soap scum. The best way to stay ahead of this problem is to squeegee all surfaces dry after use. Removing the moisture will provide less opportunity for dirt, mold spores, and other debris to take hold.


Toilets provide the perfect hiding spot for bacteria. To keep your restroom refreshed, wipe all areas of the toilet at least once a week using an antibacterial cleaner.  Remove all buildup under the lid, along the base, inside the bowl, and around the tank.


Sinks tend to attract hair, toothpaste, soap scum, cosmetics, and hygiene products. Rather than letting this fixture become a catch-all for this debris—and experience a clog—wipe it at least once daily.


Bathroom cleaning can often seem like an impossible chore amidst all your other housekeeping tasks. Fortunately, Right Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, can make sure all areas of your home are kept in tip-top shape. Offering basic and deep residential cleaning services, these skilled professionals will scrub down everything from the sink to the shower to ensure your bathroom stays fresh. To learn more about their house cleaning capabilities and commitment to non-toxic solutions, visit this maid service online. For estimates, call (212) 655-7153.

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