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4 Jewelry Trends of 2020 June 8, 2020

Garment District, Manhattan
4 Jewelry Trends of 2020, Manhattan, New York

The most fashionable clothing will look incomplete without the right jewelry to adorn it. Keep your customers satisfied by staying on top of the latest jewelry trends. A trusted jewelry manufacturer can create the following trending looks at an affordable rate. 

What Type of Jewelry Is Being Worn Right Now?

1. Animal Motifs

From encrusted fish-bone earrings to gold panther-head rings, incorporating animals into jewelry adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit. The bold pieces are best served when jewelry manufacturers make them to be worn on the wrists, fingers, neck, or ears. They pair well with minimalist pieces. 

2. Statement Chokers

jewelry manufacturerThe day of delicate string chokers is gone. Today’s neck constraints consist of large metal chains, decorative patterns, buckles, and rhinestones. Encourage customers to wear multiple chokers at once or to layer them with increasingly longer necklaces to embrace the extravagance.

3. Doorknocker Hoop Earrings

Jewelry this year is all about being seen, and that includes earrings. Replace thin, barely visible hoops with thick silver- or gold-plated hoops that could be mistaken for door knockers. Go for designs that feature eccentric stud accessories, such as lion heads or seashells, and have one or more wide bands with two- to four-inch diameters. 

4. Dali Inspired

It makes sense in 2020 that jewelry trends would take inspiration from Salvador Dali. The surreal artist’s work consisted of paintings, films, sculptures, photographs, and other designs that sought to show the bizarre nature of the world. 

Jewelry manufacturers designing pieces to honor his work can use direct influences. For instance, the melting clocks from “The Persistence of Memory” or the hand holding the egg from “Metamorphosis of Narcissus” would make excellent statement pieces or charms on bracelets or necklaces.


When you’re ready to bring your jewelry designs to life, contact Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting. They’re the most trusted jewelry manufacturers in the NYC area for top industry designers. From CAD designing and casting to polishing and electroplating, their experts will be there through every stage of manufacturing. Learn more about this process by visiting their website, or get started on your design today by calling (212) 221-0440.

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