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4 Benefits of Brass Jewelry July 1, 2020

Garment District, Manhattan
4 Benefits of Brass Jewelry, Manhattan, New York

When people think of jewelry, materials like gold, silver, and precious gems often come to mind. However, brass casting offers many advantages for the art of jewelry making as well. If your business is looking to expand its jewelry options, here’s why brass could be just what you need.

What Are the Advantages of Brass Casting for Jewelry? 

1. Cost-Efficient Beauty 

One of the many reasons for the enduring popularity of gold casting is that it has an attractively bright, warm, yellowish hue. Fortunately, brass casting offers a similar aesthetic charm at a much more affordable price, thanks to its wider availability.

brass castingWith transparent enamels, you can even make it look like rose gold. It also responds strikingly to substances like ammonia, salt, and vinegar, creating lovely patinas. 

2. Low Maintenance 

Some metals are tough to keep clean, but brass only needs to be wiped down with warm, soapy water every so often. If it gets tarnished, just apply ketchup to the affected area.

Additionally, brass casting is highly resistant to corrosion, so you can keep it for many years without worrying about rust. You would only need to consider how much copper you want to fuse with it, since that could turn it green over time. 

3. Extremely Durable 

Like many metals, brass is too strong to be folded, bent, dented, or broken easily. With lacquer coating, it’s also protected against scratches.

It also doesn’t melt as quickly as other metals often used in jewelry casting, such as pewter and aluminum. Despite all this, brass is still a lightweight metal, so you can enjoy its toughness while wearing or carrying it comfortably. 

4. Highly Malleable 

While the strength and durability of brass is to be lauded, so should its ability to be molded into any shape or design. It’s simple to solder and cut, and in the rare occasion that it breaks or chips, a jewelry manufacturer can easily repair it. 


For beautiful, high-quality brass casting services, contact Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting in Manhattan, NY. With 35 years of reliable expertise in jewelry casting with a variety of metals, their skilled craftspeople and CAD designers are prepared to create exactly the types of brass jewelry, ornaments, and accessories you need to dazzle your clients and customers. For more details about their services, call (212) 221-0440 or explore their website.

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