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5 Common Dusty Areas in Homes June 8, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
5 Common Dusty Areas in Homes, ,

No matter how diligent you are in housekeeping, there are some areas that every homeowner tends to forget about dusting or can’t easily dust themselves. However, since dust can lead to allergic reactions and other mild health problems, it’s important to be aware of the areas that need attention. Here are some places that tend to accumulate dust.

What Parts of the Home Are Often Dusty?

1. Walls, Corners, & Baseboards 

Dust gathers quickly in the corners and throughout the walls. Even baseboards are often neglected. It can be an overwhelming task to clean them because walls are both spacious and part of every room in your home.

2. Windows & Drapery 

Frames, sills, curtains, and blinds tend to accumulate dust because they’re seldom given the attention they need. Sills, frames, and blinds can be dusted the same as other items in your home, but curtains and drapes may benefit the most from a soft brush attachment on your vacuum.

3. Bedding & Clothes

housekeepingClothes that go unused for long periods accumulate dust in the closet or dresser. Bedding, however, gathers dust when used, consisting primarily of dead skin cells that fall off your body as you sleep. Many professional housekeeping services will launder these items for you while tending to other areas that need dusting.

4. Bookshelves

In addition to providing education and entertainment, bookshelves offer a sense of sophistication to any room. However, that aesthetic appeal is compromised when the shelves and books collect dust. It’s time-consuming to remove them, clean their covers and the shelves, and then reorganize them.

5. Underneath & Behind Objects 

When was the last time you looked beneath your couch and dining room chairs? What about the insides of drawers? Consider the backs of large electronic devices, too, such as televisions, computers, and speakers. These are some often forgotten areas that need regular dusting. 


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