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The Four-Wheeled Dolly: Economy Moving & Storage’s Expert Moving Assistance Tips December 8, 2015

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The Four-Wheeled Dolly: Economy Moving & Storage’s Expert Moving Assistance Tips, Springdale, Ohio

Economy Moving & Storage provides top-quality moving assistance at highly economic rates. Their professional moving helpers will service all of your local, Cincinnati-based and long-distance moving needs (including on-site storage), so that you have a completely stress-free experience. However, if you prefer to handle the heavy lifting yourself, they also supply moving boxes – and plenty of free tips. For starters: the ease and art of using a four-wheeled dolly.

Residential moving is so much easier with the right tools, equipment, and know-how. For use of the four-wheeled dolly, just watch this simple video from Economy Moving & Storage’s expert staff. Here are a few basic things you need to know:

  • Leave the two-wheeled dolly at home. A four-wheeled dolly is your go-to piece of equipment when moving a large and/or heavy item. It’s also handy when there’s an elevator involved.
  • Tilt your item back against the dolly and center it down the middle.
  • Adjust your padding as needed to ensure that everything is covered and your item is aligned with the dolly.
  • Repeat! If you need to, you can even stack and secure items on top of one another for a more economical use of your space (not to mention energy).

While the dolly does make things a lot easier, it can't replace a trained team of moving helpers. For the best professional moving assistance, turn to Economy Moving & Storage. They are the experts in commercial and residential moving. They also offer local storage units on site in Cincinnati, Ohio. There’s no need for extra stress: simply visit their website or call (513) 753-6683 to request a free estimate. You may also score some more helpful tips if you do.

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