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3 Smart Places to Hide Your Spare Key July 20, 2020

Kenvil, Morris County
3 Smart Places to Hide Your Spare Key, Kenvil, New Jersey

Having a spare key handy can save you a visit from the locksmith if you accidentally lock yourself out of the house. Of course, you don’t want to hide your spare key in an obvious location where someone else might find it. This means you shouldn’t leave your spare key under the welcome mat. Here are some good alternatives.

Where Should You Leave a Spare House Key?

1. Trusted Neighbors

The safest place for a spare key is generally with a neighbor you trust. If your neighbor keeps your spare key in a convenient drawer, you won’t have to worry about anyone discovering it in your yard. Alternatively, your neighbor might let you hide your key somewhere on their property. This way, it will still be accessible to you, but in a place that others wouldn’t think to look.

2. Wind Chimes

locksmithWind chimes offer a unique hiding place that is less obvious than other outdoor options like fake rocks. Place the key in a plastic bag and secure it inside of a chime with tape to keep it out of sight. Thanks to the amount of noise wind chimes make, it’s unlikely that anyone else would go poking around in them.

3. Magnetized Auto Lockbox

A magnetized lockbox is another smart solution — particularly when mounted to the bottom of your car. If your spare key is kept in such a box, you’ll always have it readily available, and you can have confidence knowing where it is. Get a locksmith to help ensure that the lockbox is properly installed, so it doesn’t fall off the car during your commute.


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