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What to Do If a Tree Falls on Your Home July 20, 2020

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What to Do If a Tree Falls on Your Home, Hopewell, Ohio

As a homeowner, few experiences are as stressful or unsettling as a major weather event. This is especially true when inclement weather causes a tree to fall on your home. It’s crucial to remain calm and composed and take carefully thought-out steps for recourse. From evacuating the premises to contacting a local tree service, the following tips will help you move forward. 

4 Steps to Take If a Tree Damages Your Home

1. Evacuate the Premises

When a storm-damaged tree hits your home, swift action is essential. Having an evacuation plan in place will help you and your family stay safe in an emergency. If time and conditions permit, take a few minutes to gather some must-have items, like your wallet, extra clothes, chargers, cell phones, and any relevant documents. Evacuate the premises after determining it’s safe to do so.

2. Call the Authorities

tree serviceContact your local emergency service for assistance. Local authorities may send the fire department to assess the situation and determine your home is safe electrical wires and downed power lines. They may also send police officers to secure the area.

Do not attempt to remove the tree by yourself. Upon arrival, the authorities will assess the situation and advise you on next steps.

3. Contact Your Home Insurance Rep

Once the police have arrived and filed a report of the scene, contact your home insurance provider and find out how to file a claim. In most cases,  policies cover damage caused by fallen trees. However, you may need to prove the tree was damaged due to the storm and not because of a lack of care.

If the tree was aging or sick, but you neglected to hire a tree service company for removal, you could be held liable for the damage. Avoid this issue by maintaining a receipt and appointment log of all past arborist services.

4. Hire an Arborist

Finally, get in touch with a certified arborist to handle stump and branch removal. These professionals will have the necessary equipment and tools to safely clear your property of debris and remove the damaged stump.


If a fallen tree recently damaged your home and you’re seeking assistance from a skilled arborist, turn to the team at Morehouse Logging LLC. These experts have provided over 25 years of service to the residents of Columbus, Granville, Newark, and New Albany, OH. This company will work within your budget to provide quick and reliable assistance from stump grinding and removal to land clearing and tree trimming. Call (740) 501-0256 to request an estimate, and visit their website to learn more about their tree services. 

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