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How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement July 20, 2020

Thornton, Adams
How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement, Thornton, Colorado

Before your scheduled roof replacement, prepare your home and yard to ensure that your belongings stay safe. This will not only protect your assets but expedite the process for your roofing company. Follow these tips for optimal safety.

3 Roof Replacement Preparation Tips

1. Clean Up Your Yard

Consider your yard off-limits when the roof is being replaced. The professionals might need to remove old roofing materials. Although they will take precautions to do so safely, it is best to move the property to minimize the risk of damage.

Remove any items that could get in the way of their work, including patio furniture, in-ground landscape lighting, potted plants, birdhouses, and bird feeders. Move these items to a safe location, such as your garage. Move your cars out of the driveway and away from the home if you can’t park them in the garage.

You can also protect the outside of your home by marking any fragile items that you cannot move. Show these marked items, such as delicate plants and in-ground sprinkler heads, to your roofing company so that they can avoid hitting them with falling debris. Finally, the day before your roof replacement, mow the grass and prune the trees so that it’s easier to find nails and debris once the project is complete.

2. Prepare Your Home’s Interior

roofing companyCheck your attic or the highest floor of your home to ensure that any delicate items are not left unprotected. Move your possessions out of the attic and lay down a tarp to collect any dust that collects.

Be prepared for vibrations to gently shake your home as the roofers hammer new shingles. Remove prints and decor from the walls to prevent them from falling. Protect delicate items like fine china or glassware by keeping them separated and away from the walls. 

3. Talk to Your Family

Due to the noise that occurs during installation, bring your pets indoors. If you have a skittish dog or cat, consider boarding it for the day or taking it to a family member’s house.

Likewise, prepare your children for this process, warning them of the noise that’s to come. Try to schedule the replacement on a school day or plan an outing where your family can be out of the home for the majority of the day. Remind children to stay out of the yard during and after the roof replacement until you can ensure it’s clear of debris.


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