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How Pets Impact HVAC System Performance July 17, 2020

Wethersfield, Hartford County
How Pets Impact HVAC System Performance, Wethersfield, Connecticut

Although pets can provide years of unconditional love, they can also leave your house in less-than-pristine condition. The fur that lands on surfaces can make its way into your HVAC system and cause several issues in your home. To understand the dangers this poses and how you can reduce potential risks, read on.   

3 Ways Pets Affect Your HVAC System

1. Fur Clogs Filters

When dogs and cats shed, the hair can get sucked through vents and pulled into return ducts. A filter is in place to catch fur and other particles before they reach the blower fan and to make sure contaminants don’t recirculate into the air.

Over time, the accumulation of pet hair can clog the screen. A clogged filter reduces airflow into the HVAC system’s air handler. The fan motor works harder as a result, increasing the risk of failure. To ensure the filter can do its job, check it once a month to see if it’s clogged and change it accordingly.

2. Dander Compromises Air Quality

HVACMany people are allergic to pet dander. Similar to fur, dander can also get pulled into the HVAC system. Although the air filter can trap dander, some might end up inside ducts and recirculate into the air.

To purify the air, install a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Its screen is designed to trap small particles that might otherwise pass through a regular filter. You can also schedule regular duct cleaning completed by professionals. Technicians will vacuum and disinfect the channels. 

3. Debris Blocks Vents

While running through the yard, rolling in leaves, and lounging in the sun, twigs, dirt, leaves, and grass clippings can stick to your canine’s coat and paws. When it’s time to go back inside, your pet will track the debris into the house with them.

The grime won’t only cling to flooring and furniture upholstery, it could also end up caking vents and restricting airflow. To prevent this problem, brush your dog’s mane and wipe their paws before they walk through the house. 


For HVAC system maintenance to improve indoor air quality and prevent equipment malfunctions, contact the team at Mull Bros Inc in Wethersfield, CT. The company has been providing area residents with heating and air conditioning installation, repairs, and upkeep for over 70 years. Learn more about the company’s rich history online and keep up with notifications on Facebook. Call (860) 529-8255 for a service appointment in Hartford County.

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