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What Are the Differences Between Bay & Bow Windows? May 29, 2020

Cincinnati, Hamilton
What Are the Differences Between Bay & Bow Windows?, Cincinnati, Ohio

Homeowners may need replacement windows to address storm damage, mitigate moisture issues, or improve energy efficiency. When making this upgrade, you have many options to choose from, including bay and bow windows. Below is more information to distinguish between the two and make the best choice for your home.

A Guide to Bow & Bay Windows

Bow Windows

Bow windows typically feature four or more panels and cover spaces that are 80-inches or wider along exterior walls or corners. These unique glass features are curved, and often extend from the floor to the ceiling, providing considerable natural light. Bow models may have several fixed windows, as well as some that open to provide ventilation. 

Those who own victorian houses often add bow windows because they are reminiscent of the towers in Queen Anne style homes. The organic feel also fits in with homes that have beautiful natural views, like those next to lakes or forests.

Bay Windows 

replacement windowBay windows extend from the building and have three windows, usually with the largest in the middle and two matching models on either side. These replacement window models often take up 40 inches or more. Many people install a stationary middle section with side windows that crank open to create a breeze.

People who own modern houses often add bay windows because they are contemporary, but the style will fit any architectural design. Since these replacement window options have fewer materials than bow windows, they’re usually less expensive. 

Bay windows are popular over kitchen sinks as they provide a shelf to place plants and mementos while offering a view of the yard. Some bay options reach from floor to ceiling, adding square footage to the house, and can host built-in seating to enjoy the scenery.


Homeowners interested in replacement windows should contact NuVue Products in Hamilton County, OH, to learn about their inventory of vinyl models. The company has been in business for over 60 years and features expert technicians and competitive pricing. Call the Cincinnati-area window replacement specialists at (513) 631-1801 to request a free estimate. Visit the website to learn about their services.

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