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5 Kitchen Sink Styles to Consider for a Remodel July 17, 2020

St. Paul, Ramsey
5 Kitchen Sink Styles to Consider for a Remodel, St. Paul, Minnesota

Homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens consider visual appeal and function when selecting fixtures. Work with a plumber to install a sink that fits your design and performance needs. Here are a few models to consider for your kitchen upgrade.

What Is the Best Kitchen Sink for My Home?

1. Top Mount

Many houses feature sinks with rims that drop directly onto the countertops. These options are easy for plumbers to install, as they can insert the basins from the top. After installation, plumbers caulk the edges to ensure the sinks are waterproof. Homeowners with these sinks need to clean the edges to remove dust and oils that accumulate.

2. Undermount

plumber Twin Cities MNInstall this type of sink if you prefer clean lines or have a contemporary kitchen. This model attaches to the bottom of the counter with clips, creating an even surface. Talk with your plumber about weight restrictions, as you may have to choose a smaller basin depending on your countertop material.

3. Farmhouse

Farmhouse sinks are trendy and feature large basins that make washing pots and pans easy. These are deeper than most standard options, so they shorten the base cabinets. A plumber can provide guidance on modifying existing cabinetry or selecting new storage options you can place directly under the countertop.

4. Double Basin

Households that don’t have dishwashers often have double-basin sinks, as they are useful for separating dishes while cleaning. Simply place dirty dishes in one basin and rinse them in the other.

These sinks take up to 48 inches of counterspace, but they provide unmatched functionality. There are drop-in and undermount options you can choose.

5. Drainboard

Individuals who have smaller kitchens often appreciate drainboard sinks because they conserve space. These have small basins and side sections with drainboards for drying dishes at counter-level. People who have dishwashers also benefit from these, as they save counterspace when residents don’t frequently wash dishes by hand.



If you’re interested in upgrading your plumbing fixtures during kitchen remodeling, contact Norblom Plumbing in Saint Paul, MN. Serving the Twin Cities, this licensed and bonded company has been in the area since 1923 and offers trusted craftsmanship. They don’t consider the job complete unless clients are 100% satisfied with their work. Call (612) 827-4033 to discuss a project, or visit their website for information on their residential services.

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