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3 Benefits of Building a Deck on Long Island June 11, 2020

Copiague Harbor, Babylon
3 Benefits of Building a Deck on Long Island, Babylon, New York

Adding a deck as part of your home renovation is an impactful way to enhance your backyard. You'll gain an incredible space to use now and in the future, as well as a competitive edge if you hope to list your home for sale soon. Here are a few advantages that come with having a deck. 

Why You Should Build a Deck on Long Island

1. Create a Gathering Space

A deck offers a wonderful gathering space for friends and family. Instead of trying to fit everyone in one room, a deck provides an inviting communal area to enjoy the outdoors together. It also takes the pressure off those other spaces (kitchen, backyard, etc) by providing an entirely distinct hang-out zone.

2. Attract Buyers

home renovationHaving a space to put a grill and lounge outside can substantially boost a prospective buyer’s perception of a house. A deck is often a must-have on their buying checklist, particularly if they have a family. Deck additions can recoup 72% of the cost at sale, making it one of the more effective home improvement projects.

3. Boost the Aesthetic Appeal 

With new decking  and plenty of open surface area, your deck can add beauty to your backyard. You can decorate the space with fun elements such as string lights, a fire pit, or even an outdoor television area. You can even coordinate your deck’s furniture with the colors of your house. For example, if your house has dark red shutters, you can choose similarly colored wicker furniture to match. 


If you’re interested in adding a deck to your house, contact a respected home renovation specialist like Renovate Right Inc. in Copiague, NY. In business for over three decades, the local masonry services company will furnish you with a gorgeous gathering space in your backyard. Receive a free estimate by calling (631) 464-4868. Learn more about the contractor by visiting their website

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