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3 Tips for Negotiating Alimony July 17, 2020

Farmington, Hartford County
3 Tips for Negotiating Alimony, Farmington, Connecticut

While not every divorce case involves alimony and spousal support, the ones that do often become tense. These issues may lead to disputes and strong feelings. However, by using best practices when negotiating alongside your attorney, you can avoid lengthy proceedings and make a deal you’ll be happy with. Here’s what you need to know during the negotiation process. 

A Guide to Negotiating Alimony 

1. Review Your Finances

One of the primary factors used to determine alimony is each spouse’s financial situation. Before beginning the negotiation process, take an inventory of your finances by writing down your monthly expenses, spending habits, income, employee benefits, and mortgage payments. Having these numbers available will help you support your stance and speed up the process. It’s useful to estimate your ex-partner’s finances, as well. 

2. Remain Calm & Utilize Active Listening

attorneyDuring the negotiation process, it’s important for both sides to control their emotions. If either party is getting angry, ask your ex-spouse if you can continue the conversation later on.

Additionally, use active listening to prevent heated arguments. Help your partner feel heard by summarizing what they’re saying, listening to them carefully, and repeating back the main points; this can effectively reduce friction. 

3. Be Solution-Oriented & Reasonable

Focusing on the past and who’s to blame won’t help either partner achieve what they want. Instead, pay attention to your main goals and how you want to feel after negotiations. For example, keep your children and what’s best for them in mind.

Finally, be reasonable when making a request; if your ex-spouse makes $80,000 a year, asking for $45,000 in support may be seen as unhelpful. Instead, consider compromising on a number that works for both parties. 


When you need help negotiating alimony and spousal support, contact Greene Law, PC. Located in Hartford County, CT, they’ve been helping area residents with their legal needs for more than 25 years. Their attorneys will offer you negotiation guidance and provide the legal advice you need to reach a satisfactory resolution. They offer personalized services and are always available to answer questions. Visit them online to learn more about their services, or call (860) 676-1336 to speak to an attorney. 

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