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3 Reasons to See a Matinee Movie July 16, 2020

Falco, Covington
3 Reasons to See a Matinee Movie, Falco, Alabama

Many movie-goers limit their attendance to evening shows and are missing out on a quintessential cinema experience by skipping matinees. These afternoon shows have a number of perks and may become your favorite way to enjoy a flick. Below are just a few reasons to schedule your next movie theater trip for the day time.

3 Benefits of Matinee Showings

1. Less Crowded

No one wants to have to sit separately from their friends because of a packed theater. If you want to feel like you have the place to yourself, attend a matinee. You’ll typically have many more seating options since there are fewer attendees, allowing you to enjoy the movie with a date or a large group of friends comfortably.

2. More Affordable

movie theaterTo save money on movie tickets, attend a matinee. Many movie theaters offer lower prices to encourage attendance, so you’ll be getting a great deal. Matinees are perfect for both families and individuals on a budget. Lower prices also give you extra money to spend on snacks or a second movie ticket to make it a double feature.

3. More Time for Snacks

No one wants to feel rushed at a movie, and waiting in line often means going into the movie late or having to go without snacks. Because matinees are less crowded, you have the time and convenience to look at all the snacks, as well as any burgers, fries, and luxury dining the theater offers. This often leads to a more unique experience than you’d get at a busier evening showtime.


Whether you want to catch an afternoon matinee or evening movie, visit Clark Cinema 10 - A Luxury Seating Theatre. With locations in Andalusia and Enterprise, AL, these movie theaters showcase the latest films while offering luxury seating and in-house dining. You can learn more about their cinema and showtimes by calling (334) 347-3811 or visiting their website.

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