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The Do's & Don'ts of Painting an Accent Wall July 1, 2020

Port Jervis, Orange
The Do's & Don'ts of Painting an Accent Wall, Port Jervis, New York

New paint can make a world of difference for your interior spaces. If you’re looking for a home improvement project to brighten your house, consider painting an accent wall. Before you head to the hardware store for supplies, take a look at these helpful do’s and don’ts. 


Consider the location carefully.

Almost any room can benefit from an accent wall. However, these features are generally best in spaces that lack unique architectural features. For instance, a place with cathedral ceilings, a bay window, or pillars probably doesn’t need an accent wall as much as a space that is a blank canvas does. 

Go bold.

Accent walls are meant to stand out, so don’t be afraid to go bold. Think outside the box and consider choosing a bright or dramatic color or a distinct pattern. You can also find a different finish, such as metallic or brushed suede.

Maintain balance.

paintAn accent wall should complement the rest of the space. Maintain a sense of balance and cohesion by matching the accent wall color with another color in the room. For example, you might select a teal accent wall to match a teal love seat or area rug. Also, make sure the colors you choose are complementary to the other paint shades in the space. 


Limit it to paint.

There can be more to an accent wall than paint alone. Add accessories on or next to it that create further visual interest. For example, you might use features such as a mirror, shelving with decorative items, or plants. 

Ignore room size.

Color can play an essential role in the perception of a room’s size. Small rooms can be made to look larger with light-colored paint. For instance, you might choose white on three walls and a light accent for the fourth, such as mint green or sky blue. For spacious rooms or those with high ceilings, consider a darker accent wall to make the space feel cozier. 

Rule out the ceiling.

White or off-white are the traditional ceiling paint colors of choice. However, this is changing. Many interior designers are using other colors to add pizzazz. A room with crown molding is a particularly good candidate for a differently colored ceiling as the molding can create a visual separation between the walls and ceiling for a striking, polished appearance.


If you’re in need of paint or other home improvement supplies, stop by Barthiaume’s Neversink Lumber Co. in Orange County, NY. This hardware store, located in Port Jervis, is the area’s go-to shop for everything from painting supplies and building materials to hand tools and lumber. Call (845) 856-5161 to speak with a helpful staff member about your next project. Visit their website to learn more about the services they provide.

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