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A Guide to Window Sashes July 15, 2020

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A Guide to Window Sashes, Kodiak Island, Alaska

Window sashes are an integral part of how your windows function. If you encounter a problem with them, you might need to schedule window replacement. Here’s more information about window sashes, including why they are necessary to your home’s functionality and when you might need window repair. 

How Window Sashes Work

What Are Window Sashes?

A window sash holds the glass and other components of the window in place. The sash fits inside of the frame, which is attached to your house. In newer windows, these sashes cannot be disassembled because they’re built in a factory and sealed. The sashes of older windows can sometimes come apart.

Window sashes are most common in double-hung windows, where one sash is positioned over another. This allows the window to open vertically; it slides up and down until it’s nearly parallel with the other sash. Casement windows also have sashes. These types of windows open and close like doors using a crank handle, so each window only includes one sash. A slider window only has one sash as well, which slides left to right.

When Window Replacement Might Be Necessary

window replacementWindow sashes are an important part of the functionality and durability of a window. When they’re distorted or broken, they can cause the window to leak, not lock properly, or refuse to close altogether.

The issue could be with the alignment of your window, which is easily repaired. If you can’t fix your window this way, a window replacement is often necessary. Although you might be able to buy a window sash replacement kit, the window won’t work as well as it once did. 


If your window sashes are broken or you need a window replacement installed, turn to the experts at Bernie Brothers. They have over 30 years of experience in exterior finishing and remodeling and serve Kodiak, AK, and the surrounding areas. They offer cost-effective solutions, quality products, and A+ customer service. Visit their website or call (907) 481-3900 to arrange a free estimate.

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