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3 Ways to Break Your Fever at Home July 17, 2020

West Farms, Bronx
3 Ways to Break Your Fever at Home, Bronx, New York

If you’re running a low-grade fever—below 100.4 F—a visit to your primary care physician may not be necessary if you can break it, and your symptoms are mild. Keeping your fever under control will keep you comfortable for the duration of your illness or until you see a doctor. Below are a few home health care tips for breaking fevers in adults until you can get to a medical center.

How to Break a Fever

1. Rest & Hydrate

Trying to do activities while you’re sick could put more stress on your body and cause a spike in your fever, so it’s important to get rest and take it easy. Lounge on your couch, sleep in your bed, and keep any activity to a minimum.

Fevers can make you sweat, and some illnesses may cause you to have an upset stomach, both of which cause dehydration. Drink eight glasses of water to make up for this. If you aren’t able to keep anything down—including water—for more than a day, seek urgent care from a reliable medical center, as you can experience severe dehydration.

2. Keep Cool

medical centerWear loose and light clothing, and use a fan to keep cool air circulating around the room. Apply ice packs or cold rags to your forehead and neck. Keep in mind that cold or ice baths are not recommended, as they can send your body into shock and cause complications with your illness. It’s best to bathe in lukewarm water to help your body regulate its temperature.

3. Take Appropriate Fever Reducers

Over-the-counter medicines, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can break your fever and reduce discomfort. Only take the recommended dosage, and don’t take it with other medications that have pain relievers or fever reducers in them. If the medicine doesn’t affect your fever—or if you’re concerned about your health for any reason—consult with a trusted medical center.



If your fever can’t be controlled or you’re concerned about your illness, trust the primary and urgent care medical centers of HDR Healthcare Network in the Bronx, NY. Since 2013, they’ve provided dependable and affordable urgent, primary, and family care to the community. The bilingual staff emphasizes compassion and education. Learn more about their services online and call (718) 617-2500 to make an appointment.

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