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4 Benefits of Stand-Up Pouches June 15, 2020

Harriman, Orange
4 Benefits of Stand-Up Pouches, Harriman, New York

Packaging is key when selling products. Uniform and professional packages help grab customer interest and establish your brand as a reliable company. Many businesses are turning to stand-up pouches to store and display their products. These packaging options offer many unique benefits and can make it easier to get your items on the shelves.

How Your Company Can Benefit From Stand-Up Pouches

1. Save Space

You can fit a lot more on a shelf with products that sit in upright positions. The narrow construction allows for additional rows and prevents having to keep items back in storage. This provides an opportunity to maximize your displays and promote visibility throughout the entire store.

2. Prevent Damage

These pouches maintain their shape while allowing for flexibility and movement. With gusseted reinforcement and block bottoms, they’re almost indestructible. This reduces the potential for damage and preserves the condition of the items inside.

3. Transport Easily

stand-up pouchSwitching over to vertical packaging could reduce your shipments. Not only can you fit more into a single box, but the lightness of the material makes it easier to haul. This could create an opportunity to combine orders and ensure that shipments arrive on time.

4. Protect Contents

There’s little chance of exposure once the products leave the factory. The tight seal will prevent oxidization, and the strength of the material naturally resists puncturing. Whether you sell cosmetics or healthy snacks, you can expect every product to arrive completely intact and ready for sale without any concerns about quality.


Upgrade your display with the help of RubeeFlex Packaging in Harriman, NY. They’re a family-owned and -operated supplier that manufactures a vast assortment of custom packaging solutions, including stand-up pouches. They use only the finest materials and work closely with clients to ensure satisfaction. Learn more about their products by visiting their website. Call (516) 274-8080 to place an order.

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