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How Many Rooms Do You Need in a Rental Home? June 30, 2020

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How Many Rooms Do You Need in a Rental Home?, Hinesville, Georgia

If you're thinking about renting a home, you may be wondering just how many rooms are necessary to meet the needs of the household. You want to be sure that you have enough space to accommodate all family members, possessions, and daily activities. However, you also want to be mindful of other factors like cost and the way the home is laid out. Below are a few aspects to consider that will help you decide how many rooms you need in a rental home.


Bedrooms are an integral part of every home, and ensuring you have enough space is essential. Spouses will likely share a bedroom, and kids often want their own rooms. If money is a concern, younger kids can share a bedroom with bunk beds. However, many older kids appreciate their privacy. Also, you might want an extra bedroom to use as a guest room if you routinely entertain out-of-town family and friends. If you do have a spare bedroom, it can easily be turned into a nursery if you decide to grow your family. 

Eating Spaces

For some families, sharing a nightly meal is an important ritual, so a separate dining room might be essential. A dining room might also be of particular importance to those who frequently hold dinner parties or host large get-togethers with extended family. But smaller households, such as homes with a single person, a couple, or a family with one child, may not have much need for a formal dining room. In this situation, an eat-in kitchen is often sufficient, and they can look for a rental home without a separate dining space. Or, they could consider utilizing a dining space for another purpose, such as a den or playroom.

Daily Life

rental homeHow do you and other members of the household use the home throughout the course of a given day? If your household is just a single person or a couple, and travel is a routine part of your lives, a large house may not be the best use of your resources. If you work from home, a separate room designated as a work-only office space can be crucial to keeping a defined line between your work and home life. If you have a regular hobby that can benefit from a separate space, such as gaming, arts and crafts, or just reading in peace and quiet, additional rooms are a smart idea. It is important to think of your home as more than just a place for sleeping and eating. This way, you'll be sure to find enough space to suit everyone's purposes.


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