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When Can Adjustments Be Made to Child Support Payments? June 12, 2020

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When Can Adjustments Be Made to Child Support Payments?, 8, Tennessee

When a couple has children and files for divorce, the courts will usually put a child support order into place. This makes sure that the non-custodial parent provides adequate support for the well-being of the children. However, if the parent paying the support has a change of circumstance, either parent can notify the child support office to petition for a change and ensure the order remains fair. 

3 Times You Can Alter Child Support Orders

1. Adjustment in Income

When the parent providing support has a significant change in income—at least a 15% difference in Tennessee—either parent can request to alter the order. This might be from a loss of employment or a new job that pays less. However, the court will not reduce payments if a loss of income is due to the parent being incarcerated, as this is a voluntary loss of employment. 

A parent can request to increase the support provided if the non-custodial parent’s income increases. This might be due to lottery winnings, a raise, or an inheritance that allows them to contribute more to the child. 

2. Additional Child Support Order

child supportIf either parent has an additional child they are responsible for that was not in the original order, they can submit a change. This would ensure that the parent divides the support evenly among all the children. Typically, this will only happen if the non-custodial parent is also the parent of the new child.

3. Change in Children

If a child that the order includes has a health issue that results in a disability, the courts may require the parent providing child support to pay more to ensure medical help. They can also reduce or stop the order if a child is emancipated, ages out, or no longer needs the support.


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