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A Guide to Checking Pets for Fleas & Ticks June 29, 2020

Moanalua, Honolulu
A Guide to Checking Pets for Fleas & Ticks, Honolulu, Hawaii

To take care of your pets, you need to know when to obtain and administer flea medicine. Besides causing your pet to be irritated and uncomfortable, ticks and fleas carry diseases that can drastically affect their health and quality of life. Learn how to look for and remove these bugs to keep your pets safe.

How to Spot Fleas & Ticks 

flea medicineExamine your pet’s body for these bugs anytime they’ve been outside for a long period, especially in the summer and after frequenting an area with lots of trees and tall grass. 

Using a flea comb or your hands, carefully look over the areas on your pet’s body that ticks and fleas favor most. These would be dark, warm, and moist areas, such as the: 

  • Ears, including the interior
  • Top of the head 
  • Face, including the eyelids 
  • Legs 
  • Paws, including the pads and spaces between the toes 
  • Lower belly 
  • Genitals 
  • Underside of the tail 
  • Beneath the collar 

Even if you don’t find the fleas or ticks themselves, you may find evidence in the form of small droppings, blood, or eggs that look like grains of sand. You may also notice bumpy, uneven, or crusty skin. 

If fleas or ticks have infested your cat or dog, your pet may scratch, chew, or lick their skin frequently. You may notice them losing fur in patches or acting unusually tired. Their lips and gums may also appear pale.

How to Remove Them 

Once you’ve found a tick, position a pair of tweezers as close to your pet’s skin as possible, then seize the bug’s head. Steadily pull it straight up. Kill the tick in a jar of rubbing alcohol, then clean and soothe your pet’s skin with soap and water, antibiotic ointment, or hydrocortisone spray. 

For fleas, a flea comb should catch them while you’re checking for signs of an infestation, then you can kill them by placing the comb in hot water with soap. You can also give your pet a warm bath with flea shampoo.  

Take your dog or cat to a veterinary clinic if the infestation seems especially widespread. If your pet is sensitive or infected, a veterinarian can recommend flea medicine to take care of the problem without causing further discomfort to your friend. 


Providing flea medicine and treatments for more than 20 years, Kokua Pet Clinic is here to help keep your pet free of pests. Located in Honolulu, HI, the locally owned and operated veterinary clinic also handles other treatments that your pet may need, such as spaying, neutering, and microchipping. To learn more about their services, check out their website, and call (808) 843-8382 to make an appointment.

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