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5 Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Design June 1, 2020

Port Jervis, Orange
5 Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Design, Port Jervis, New York

Updating your bathroom can be an exciting experience, but it takes careful planning and consideration. You want to choose the right layout, fixtures, and paint colors to suit your taste and needs. Even though there are many options, there are a few ways to approach changing up your bathroom. Below are some tips to get started on your remodel. 

5 Considerations for Bathroom Designs

1. Look Into the Fixtures

Every detail, both large and small, should be accounted for when choosing your bathroom design. This includes fixtures like the tub and toilet, as well as hardware like handles or pulls on the vanity and doors. Even the type of shower door you want should be factored into the aesthetic. You can think about gearing the design toward a more modern aesthetic with all white and steel fixtures, or a country-like look with wood accents. Also, think about the type of tiles you want, like subway tiles versus a mosaic pattern, and the lighting fixtures. This can give you a cohesive sense of style.

2. Choose Paint Colors

paintWhile classic white is always in style, you may consider other paint colors to spice up your design. Pale blues, beige, and soft grays are popular for a serene look. However, don’t be afraid to explore choices like light green or brick red. A pop of color on the walls can complement tile trims and fixtures, especially if they are opposite shades.

3. Compare Themes 

Classic bathrooms focus on balance and often feature a monochromatic look with a few chrome accents. Modern bathrooms are known to be sleek and sophisticated, with minimal decorations. The country style is all about warmth, which means featuring patterns like florals and plaid, and putting plenty of homey accents like art on the wall and knickknacks on the counter.

4. Assess the Size

Make sure to take into account the size of the space. Do not overwhelm smaller bathrooms with large fixtures and dark colors, especially if natural light is limited. The opposite is true for spacious master suites. Make sure each detail balances the room without compromising space to move between each area.

5. Think About the Future

If you plan to live in your home for many years, you may want to consider details for aging in place. These include handrails in showers and near the toilet, along with a handheld showerhead and bath seat. You may also opt for a shower that does not have any barriers or lips to get over to make it easier if mobility becomes an issue.


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